Locatible Dock Monitors


Our Dock Monitors deliver a vast amount of information to your operators in an unbusy way and it is live on the dock, and also you whether on site or remote for SRO / Control / Supervisors / Lead hand / management.

As always we let our customers tell us the problems they have, and we find solutions, one of such we developed the Dock Monitor system which comes with the Digital Plan. Locatible listens and acts immediately to stream line your operations and increase your bottom line.

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Why Locatible Dock Monitors?

Real Time visability to not only the Operator but everyone has performance visability.

By installing our large Dock Monitors on each dock door we give real time data and updates to not only the operator (which he also gets on his tablet) but also to everyone else, Everyone is able to see how this shipment is going, is it behind, is it ahead, how long to complete, which stage is it at, to name but a few features.

DDoS Protection

Transparent Information

How is this shipment performing? How is this operator performing? How can we mange this better? Easy....Use Locatible.

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Move the flow of product better

By having real time insights, you can enable better use and flow of product through your facility.

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monitoring 24/7/365

24/7/365 Monitoring & Support

We pride ourselves in support, you may not need us often but when you do we are there instantly.

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